Majority of the youngsters dream to study abroad in their dream universities; although it is tough to go out of your country for education financially, physically and psychologically. It cost a lot of money to go abroad for studies. You have to pay for dorm, tuition fees and annual fees as well. It requires effort to apply there. You have to visit the centers and offices of Canada immigration agents in Dubai or the place you live to know the conditions. However there are countries that offer scholarship to all international students with come conditions. Some of the countries are: 

  1. Germany: Germany offer so many scholarship to international students but their only condition is that student could speak and understand German so that they could adjust in their classes and environment easily. Yet, grades are also important. So work hard, search about it and apply! Try to choose science related subjects and fields there to learn something different or a thing in which the country is expert.
  2. Turkey: Turkey can also give you scholarship easily. And the process will be easier if you have experience. The country is not expensive too due to which you can think of taking admission in any of its university. But try to save some money so that you can live and enjoy there easily. Visit their famous places while studying. Good luck for future. 
  3. Russia: Russia offer scholarships in all international countries and give stipends to students. They don’t want the applicants to be high-achievers. You just have to achieve average grades and marks to get a chance to study there. Yet, do job or have money in account because stipend can be less.

To apply in these countries, a student has to be 

  1. Good in studies because you highest marks are average marks for them because their criteria is tougher than your college or school’s criteria.
  2. Well-off financially because you might have to pay half if the feed or need money to stay there because these countries are more expensive than yours.
  3. Active in co-curricular activities because they want active and sound students who know something out of the books and do something more than studies. 

So these are the countries where you can go for studies. It is easy to live and study there. The people of these countries are cooperative. Yet, you have to work hard in studies but don’t apply for American or Dominica citizenship in Dubai or the place you are there. Go for study only!