Showing up to an event, catering in Dubai with the wrong salad spoon is probably a caterer’s worse nightmare. Organizing an event is never an easy task and there is always a risk of forgetting a few essential items that can be hard to find substitute for on site. Don’t worry as we have got you covered with a list of catering equipments every party catering company can use for small or large party.

  • Table setting
  • Dinner and bread plates along with salad plates. If there’s a soup on menu then don’t forget soup bowls.
  • Water glass, coffee cups in saucers.
  • Table cloth, napkin, salt and pepper or sauces and butter in a decorative holder which also makes up for the centrepiece or get a centrepiece.
  • Serving equipment for staff
  • Serving trays, water pitchers and bus tubs.
  • Serving spoons in case you have some sauce to be poured on top of the dish.
  • Extra dishes carrying equipment so that you can clean up the mess later.
  • Buffet equipments
  • Extra dishes and cutlery because a buffet is bound to have some broken dishes.
  • Chafing dishes which will be placed in fuel cells.
  • To keep the chafing dishes hot and fuel ongoing, you will need a matches or a lighter.
  • Sharp knife and a cutting board to serve roasted chicken or meat to guests in a proper piece.
  • An onsite trash bag for quick clean up.
  • Additional items
  • Containers to keep warm food warm and cold food cold on off site where fridges and stoves aren’t available.
  • Different garbage bags to keep the dirty washable linens at a side and disposable containers on the other.
  • Hand sanitizer, paper towel and cart to send off trash bags.

Now that you have a list of all things that you must have at an event make sure that the list is not only with you but distributed amongst your staff where they can check off things and inform you about the left over ones. Another smart trick you can do is hand different compartments to different staff members so that one person does not have to manage the whole load because when single person manages, mishaps are bound to happen.