One of the best ways to enjoy your time during the weekend is by watching Malayalam movies in Dubai. Some of the biggest cinema stars in India come from this region, which is something you should think about when deciding to watch a south Indian movie. Time and again you will find interesting news bits about stars from this country, which is a way of keeping the audience interested in the cinema. Commonly referred to as gossips, this spicy news related to the cinema and personal lives of stars are spread quite intentionally. Sometimes, the newsmakers get the limelight while at times they don’t seem to respond to queries posted by media journalists during press meets. Either way, you are a cinema fan will get your share of the news as often as you want. That said, you should also look for the news magazines on the internet where your favorite stars usually open up. They are willing to be candid when telling about themselves and how they ended up in the showbiz. You will get many benefits by watching these movies.

Enjoy songs

You don’t see Hollywood heroes dancing and singing with the lead actress, but you see your Bollywood hero doing that. Think of it as a bonus that you will get extra when watching an Indian movie. In fact, you will likely at least one or two songs in almost every movie. Even those social drama type movies will provide you with a handful of songs.

The entertainment

Bollywood movies are great fun to watch, and you will know that the moment you watch one. These movies also feature fight scenes that are often unconventional and barely believable. Each of these will make you believe that you are watching a movie after all.

One-liners and dialogues

The one-liners in a Bollywood movie will likely grab your attention and you will pick them easily. Call them the punchlines of the movie if you like, but you will find yourself repeating these many days later.

The fantasies

Almost every Bollywood movie has some degree of fantasies in it. You will find that these movies give audiences the reason to laugh and cry when presenting their fantasies.

A mixed plate of content Overall, these movies offer so many things to the viewer that they tend to think about those after watching the movie. A similar trend can be seen followed by new Pakistani movies as well.